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  Have you ever had the opportunity to communicate with State Representative, Connie Howard?  Are you aware of the bills she has had before  the General  Assembly?  Do you know what has happened  to those bills? Do you know  that those bills are designed to help disenfranchised persons in the African American community, basically. This is not to intimate that  citizens in other ethnic groups will not be aided!  We, you and I, need to come to her assistance.  Continue to read this section for we will give you a specific instruction. The  General Election approaches ( caps  for emphasis )  and  you need to become a more  intelligent and more involved voter.  With this limited kind of information, what will you ask of us?



ADDRESS    2816  South  Ellis Avenue

OFFICE TELEPHONE  312.. 225.. 6343

NOVEMBER  22  Program Scheduled Has Been Postponed.....



As you watched the second in  the series of the Each One Teach One Programs, Curricular  Issues,  aired July 7th  and 21st, which of these questions do you feel we need to address on the next presentation???

1.  At what age can young adults get into the program? 

2.   Why does your program have caps and  t-shirts?

3.    How will your program deter the drop out rate  of school  students ?

4.    How will your program promote high school education?

5.    How has your program been received by:   A. the  school student---- B.  by  the board of education---C.  by  school  administrators--- D.  by teachers -----E.   by  parents---F.   by  the community???

6.    Do you have any current supporters of your program?

7.    Please  expand upon the entrepreneurial aspect of your program.

8.    What are some of the incentives in your program?

9.     Will  you expand the Each One/Teach One program into  churches?

10.    How will you  remedy beyond the work place?


               upgraded  on 01 July 2002

         As I understand it, Evanston's  approach is to make the  higher level courses available to African  Americans.  In effect, we are asked to believe that African Americans shunned  the more difficult courses in favor of the  basic  and/or essential track.  T'aint so McGee!  With parental  support, it is this educator's position  that our students will  rise to the occasion.   They will have to work hard and  make  sacrifices, but they will achieve!

      If these are impediments  to the learning process or to the closing of the achievement gap,  which ONE  of these would you recommend a project  for minimizing its effect upon our students?  Cite  you  recommendation  in the  GUESTBOOK   page  in this website.




You have heard our challenge about our kids and adults use of language in public.  Since  profanity does not appear  in either national examination, what  are your suggestions to parents and schools  that would help  our children  use less profanity?   What  are  your  attitudes?   For  further information, see  our  television program entitled:    "We  Get  Calls  and Letters."


 In our sessions  celebrating  the life and contributions  of Jackie Robinson,  we  made much about   athletes contributing to an annual memorial fund.  Were  this to become a reality,  how would you  advise  those funds be utilized?  For  further  information,  see  our  MOTIVATION  link


In one of our programs,  we  asserted  that fifty plus store front churches in a ten block radius  is  overkill.  To many serving  to few.  What  role do you feel the church should play  in the community? How should this role be funded?   For further  information, see  our MOTIVATION  link.

We did not grind any axes during  the concert. It was a fabulous worship service.  However, there are questions we need  your feed back on. 

 Choose to answer the one that  relates to you [ even though they are somewhat related ] and  follow the above  instruction.


A.      Because of the Death, the Burial and the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, how are you benefited?

B.      Because of Jesus'  passion, how should you be benefited?

C.      Because of  His passion, Death - Burial - Resurrection, how does these make your life more meaningful?

D.      Has anyone's life been affected by the reactions in your life to His Passion ?