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Our program seeks to elaborate upon the relationships among these concepts:   Money     Marbles   Chalk    Religion   Education     Health

Edited  July 23, 2003


I.      Survival  Skills

II.     Scriptural   Foundation       Upon This Rock...   Matthew   16:18

Greater Things   ( works ) will you do because I go to my Father...  John   14:12

Ye shall  have power....             Acts   1: 8

For  the work of  the ministry ...                 Ephesians4: 7- 13 ;  First Corinthians    12 : 4 - 30;  Romans  12; 6-8       

III.     The Offices  and the Gifts

IV.      The Power  to Meet Mankind's Needs

V.        Entertainment v. Enterprise

VI.      The Tasks  and the Tools

VII.      Religion Controls     

IX.       Before You  Can Help Others

X.        The Power  of Money                                     




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When we pick up our pay checks, we have paid : federal taxes, state income taxes, medicare and or medicade, social security insurance,            [ someone has paid federal unemployment taxes and state unemployment taxes] . When we buy gasoline, we pay a motor fuel tax. When we pay our telephone bills, we pay a long distance tax, a federal tax, an FCC tax and a 911 tax.  There are taxes on our groceries, our clothes, our automobile purchases. If we rent equipment,  we pay a rental tax in addition to the rental fees. If we go to a hotel or a motel, we pay an additional tax.  Again, when we  purchase a car, there is a tax we must pay in addition to license plate fees.  We pay real estate taxes   and it does not matter if we are the landlord or not.... With all of these taxes, how much of our paychecks is meaningful income???

WHERE ARE THE MEN                                                                a poem by  Arthur Holland, Sr. Where are the men? Are they sleeping in cars? In the neighborhood bars? Were they killed in the wars? I have looked wide and far- and I cannot find the men! Where are the men ? Are they found in the court, Criminal Justice or  sport? At a spa or resort? Where are the men? Have they hidden behind- shaded glass, are they blind? I somehow cannot find- a real man!  Where are the men that You  may have forgot, neither cold, neither hot being something they ' re not?  Where are the men? Can the just ones be found?  Is there any around? Oh, I know how it sounds, Maybe veiled in a gown? Perhaps out on the town? Are they dressed up in drag, being fairy or fag? I won't give them a tag-- if discovered. I continue to search, in the streets , in the church. Are they  found in the lurch? Heaven forbid!  Where are the men that are earning their pay, working yet while it's day, I continue to say, Where  are the men? Are they out in Toledo working on their libido, or just plain Perdido? Where are the men.  Are the art works of Greek, Can they act? Can they  speak? Are they strong? Are they weak? Where are the men?  The ones who stand, while the fires are fanned, Would not it be grand-  if they surfaced?  Where are  the teachers?  Are they all being Preachers, or just clowns in the bleachers?  Are they all playing ball, just because that are tall, or boys of summer in the fall?  Where are the men?  Where  are the men that will come to  the  dance-- and maybe take a chance-- on God ?  Apply righteous correction, endure spiritual inspection, one who will not spare the rod.  Who with justice and fear, will respect, make it clear, that a MAN  must adhere to his gender. I see the women, more than a few, I see them-- but I don't see you, still I wonder who?  Who will shine forth ? Who will  do..?  Maybe, just maybe, the search may end and be over and then Like a microchip being, though unable to see 'em,--They won't be in a disguise,  they'll be easy to recognize, knowledgeable, understanding and wise.  You  'll  know they exist. In their absence they 're missed, and we'll not be tempted to ask-- that age old question : " Where are the men ?"


ARE YOU BEING CONTROLLED?   The war is not a Holy War!

 What  Time  Is  It?   is a concern that we have because  we are being told that we are in the last days, or  the world is coming to an end, or that Jesus will  make his  return  sooner  than we think.  The question of the imminence of Jesus' Second coming has a long historical history.  The second coming is significant but we, here, find that most of us do not have a clue relative to the time table of events leading to the ultimate.  Secondly, we have no idea as to how  specific terms relative to the last days, etc., are defined.

Please  read  then  study these scriptures:

Revelations  16 :  15, 16  and 17

First  Thessalonians 4 : `16

Galations 4 : 4 -5

Matthew  24 :  3- 6; 13- 14; 31

Matthew  25 :  32
















What should happen to a prisoner while he or she is incarcerated? One would think that the prisoner should be rehabilitated, made ready to return to this society, a useful, functional  citizen.  You  are apprised to the prisoners who have staged revolts just in this year. The prison stories of television are rather romantic and glamorized.  We are finding that life in our prisons leave a lot to be desired!  And that's an understatement. 

We have got to become concerned about the numbers of prisons being built;  the skewed population; the behaviors the majority  conditions us that drives us into these prisons; who gets the jobs,  the contracts; who provides the services  and/or need for free  labor prisoners  are being made to provide.  

The church and  the community have roles in bringing closure to the rehabilitation  of  prisoners,  Ergo,  the Prison Action Committee  develops the subject of their concern,  The C# Prisoners in Illinois  in one of the upcoming programs in March and in April.  Carlos Vega, Assistant Executive Director  and co- founder of the organization, Ra' Chaka, Director of Community  Affaires,  La Tonia Richmond,, a daughter of a  C# Prisoner, and  Allen  Mills, Attorney  from the Uptown People Law Center  are  panelists  in a discussion  moderated  by Oscar Worrill.   Their  discussion  calls for an action.

Listen, Mike,  An  Open Letter  To African American Athletes....    [   We  must  determine our destiny! ]

I made  a prediction in 1974.  It stated that  by the year two thousand, businesses, industry  and private agencies  will control  what we knew then as public education.  Public education has been floundering for eons. It, as a political football, is  subject to the whims  of state legislatures.  There  have been  inequities. Educational funding, in an age of  such intelligence, has not provided  for the least of these our brothers.  Books, computers,  ancillary  staff  are not available to make things equal.  Commerce and industry, I predicted,  will take over the role and function of public education because we are not graduating enough students  in the minority communities  who are able to go, because  of  their  skills, abilities, backgrounds  and  training,  into the  worlds  of work  or higher education.

I am not a fool, nor am I stupid  when I talk about Michael Jordan and other African  American  athletes funding the  three phases of what I am calling  INVESTING IN OURSELVES.   I am not delirious.   Yes,  it is ironic!  Telling someone else how they should spend their  money  or spending  someone  else's money, even!   Jim Brown is getting  this kind of support  for his program Amer-I- Can.  The concept  challenges us to explore the concept  of  transfer.  

          Over  the past  thirty  months, we have discussed facilities we can put into practice.  Education,  in its present state,  needs mega funding. We  are  behind!  Consider the effects  of drug and alcohol abuse, poor housing, poor schooling,  poor  job  opportunities  and  our disintegrating  family structure. 

If you do not believe  that there are inequities that we have to live with, drive down  47th  street, 63rd street, drive into Roseland, into the Gold Coast,  into  Rogers Park.  We see constantly the effects  of  discrimination  upon our people,  For  some of our people,  the  riches  of  equality  are so far from being attained that  they are not  concerned.  Survival  is  the order of business.   How can I  own my own  home when I cannot pay the rent on this vermin infested "hole" I have to call home.  The American dream  is a nightmare for many of our brothers and sisters.  Some are just existing!  Some  of our people need the basics  of  food, clothing, shelter and hope.  Some need a decent meal or diet, a good night's sleep, a secure place to raise a family.  Going to college, investing in the stock market,  running in a marathon  may the farthest from their minds. They need basics.   Do not get me misunderstand me.  I talk not about pies in the sky.  This  race is on a continuum!   We do have some millionaires  and we do have some who live in conditions  that should make us cry.  I am glad  that we resist  suicide as a race.   We need to  help all of our race who do not benefit from the American Dream!

Ergo,  as the Scripture speak,  " The strong must bear the infirmities of the weak."  Those of us who have made it have  need to help those who are not as fortunate as we who have not....  I ask that you find the poem  "The Bridge Builder."  We have to give back  to our  communities; we have to invest in ourselves.  We  cannot depend entirely upon the government  to make our lives better.  There are some things we can and must do for ourselves.    At this point,  we have two television programs  of our  delineations.

    EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO YOUR FUTURE!                                    [ subjected to be edited ]

The  Church  and Its  Business  Dimension.                             

       The church is responsible for more than just saving souls!

      fifty small churches in a ten block  radius

        Generating income is one of the larger problems of any religious organization.  I do not doubt what God can do with the tithe and free will offerings.  I look at people with scarce resources:  BILLS  and  PROBLEMS,  cars, food, transportation, insurance, poor budgeting skills, and/or  impulse  spending.  Food, clothing, shelter have devastating effects upon  some  and because of these, some  make the church the last  to  benefit  from their income. It bothers me to hear the schemes that have to be used to get financial  support.  I grew up amidst  chicken dinners, barbecues.  I abhor raffles because I know that God has definite methodology  to generate income for  His work.[ I do know  that  some  of the finance houses  are coming into  the black community  to ascertain what  pastors  have done with some congregations who have built  large assemblies  with little or no financial/economic training  or money, just faith! ]  

I know that God takes care of His own.  I believe in miracles. I have seen  some fantastic occurrences take  place in the baptismal pool.  I do not doubt God!  What I am addressing is the backbreaking  obligations  taken on by   the members of these small congregations, least of all the leaders.  I have heard  that the founder of the Caterpillar Tractor Company  gave ninty per cent of his income to the Church  and lived on the ten per cent. He glories in how God blessed him.  That is commendable.   It may be the exception rather than the rule.  This  exegesis  proposes  that there needs to be much teaching/educational programming in  congregations.  That  really is our focus!  I am still reasonable enough to know that it is hard trying to pry some away from  their  money , especially  if their  survival is so demanding. You know, the wheel  that gets the oil syndrome. Trust me,  I know that God is able.  Consider  alternatives!  

  The model we are generating advocates that each of the fifty present pastors  of these small congregations  in this ten block radius would develop and  oversee  a ministry  in our new  facility.  One would have a full time  job of communicating with prisoners.  Another would develop and operate a full time ministry to persons confined  to hospitals. If the power of communication is a catalyst  of change, then the church  needs a well defined  public relations program: letters, newspapers,  radio, television, that serves  to keep  the community, the city, the state, the nation  informed about the role and function of the church in the life of the community.  We do not get informed as to when sidewalks are being replaced,  streets are being repaved,  snow is being removed,  cap meetings will be held,  coop  boards are being formed,  teen-age  counseling program  against  pregnancy  or  drug use are being held.  "Jane"  has  decided  that she will not  seek  re-election;  "Oswald," having "paid his dues" wants  the support of the constituency for the role in the school's  community council. We argue constantly  that Jane or  Joe Official  do not come around to inform us until election time.  The Annenberg  Foundation will contribute matching  funds for the Roseland Project. The Church has spiritual and  physical  obligations to its members.

       Where  will this proposed organization get its monies to operate above and beyond what it gets through  tithes and offerings? There  should be help  from national church organizations, social and philanthropic organizations, state agencies  and  city agencies.   Truly,  I believe  that the church in the community would perform facilities  that would relieve the city and the state  of responsibility.  I, also, believe  that other church  organizations,  who recognize  the work that  this community  church  accomplishes,    would support regularly.  Dr. Frederick K.C. Price  stated that his church organization  funded  a  church not of his denomination  at the  tune of  over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year.  I, personally, know of a small church congregation  in Gary, Indiana and two large church organizations  herein Chicago  that regularly support churches  that have  ministries called "Outreach Ministries:" alcohol rehabilitation, drug counselling, women treatment centers,  halfway houses,  and teen-counselling programs as examples.   It is not all about teas, banquets and chicken dinners!!  Day care  centers  for children, Adult day care  centers, Prisoner rehab programs, Senior citizens Homes, Nursing homes  and Hospitals are supported  by  churches  to continue our list.

It is more than a money thang!  It is a faith and organization venture.  Do you realize  that if ten persons donated to a cause  thirty  dollars ( $30. 00 ) each, then we would have three hundred dollars ( $300. 00 )?  If one hundred persons gave  thirty dollars ( $ 30.00 )each, then we would have  three thousand dollars ($ 3,000.00 ).  If  one thousand  persons  gave  thirty dollars ( $ 30. 00 )each,  then we would have thirty thousand dollars ( $30, 000.00 ).  The Black Muslims at one time had a membership of two million members. Its leader taxed each member an annual fee of one dollar ( $ 1.00 ).  If it were paid, that is two million dollars  ($ 2,000,000. 00 ).  What could you not buy or own??? : Properties,  Busses,  Juvenile Counselling Centers,  Programs  that would minimize  the need for drugs, for gangs, for sexual experimentation.  I have said  that I wanted to present a program, a challenge  to Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Reggie  Jackson and other successful  Black athletes. They would be asked to underwrite  teacher assistants  in  classrooms.  The goal would be to cut down class room sizes thereby optimizing the time and attention a student receives from teachers.  

       There are ministries in the church that the government has to fund because the citizens are provided  a social service that the state must provide.  I base this upon the child benefit theory that provides money any school system, public, private or parochial  that provides  books and transportation  to the student.  All persons called to the ministry  are not pastors.  All  do not have to preach at all. Witness,  develop their  talent, their  calling of  God, yes!  I am proclaiming  that God does  call  but  He does not  call preachers  only.  Too many of us make that mistake.  I reiterate  that some whom God calls are not called to preach but are called to do a work, to develop a ministry.  You may find this hard to conceptualize. God  has many, many other jobs in the church besides pastors  and preachers.  

       If the church, a not for profit organizations, purchases real estate property, there is a strong likelihood that that property can come off the tax rolls.  If members of the congregation provides a civic  function, the church may be rewarded by being at the right place at the right  time. Three instances come to mind where congregations were given abandoned  property.  They leave a bad taste in my mouth because  the leaders  would not share the properties. Kept them for themselves  even though proposals were presented that would bring jobs into the community or  educate  or counsel  members of the community.  " You are black, but you are not a member of our denomination, so can cannot have. This was given to us and it is ours. "    

   Nonetheless, we  should be aware of human behavior. Our task here is to challenge and to tell you that  there are churches developing these approaches.  How many jobs are associated with a nursing home  :  doctors,  nurses, janitors, cooks, security  guards, orderlies, yard men, drivers, secretaries,  accountants,  lawyers, carpenters, painters, attendants????    Take  the Black Muslims' tax. two million dollars  for the development of  neighborhood  super market. No, we are not whistling in the wind! It has been done by a congregation  here in Chicago. I cannot tell you what its membership is, two hundred, five hundred, one thousand.   I was told that the money did not come from the congregation. It could have! What I want you to know is that  for focused, cohesive groups, there is money to be found if you have the need, the purpose and the workers to manage the project. 

      Sometimes, this model is difficult manage because of ego. Who is the boss; who is in charge!  Organization, planning, setting, a division of labor with concomitant responsibility and authority    will  get the job done.  It is all laid out there in the Bible.  We don' t   teach helps,  government, administration, etc..,  but they are right there  in the Bible where  the  gifts of preaching and teaching are  established.  WE NEED TO STUDY TO SHOW OURSELVES APPROVED UNTO GOD......  If this  put the church in business,  then so be it.  

       Let us go one step further.  All churches have a benevolent offering or fund.  For what should it be?  Members  in the church or community who have experienced  a financial crisis or an emergency; such as, a debilitating fire or or a devastating automobile accident accompanied by little or no automobile insurance or the  need of money until the insurance or social service kicks in,  a medical  prostheses not covered by insurance.  Can this fund make money; can this fund provide  other helps? Members of the congregation  or church community, [ city wide, state wide or regionally ] could form a federal credit union. They could make weekly, or monthly deposits; the church  could make deposits as well.  When they, the members  or the church itself,  would need money, they would, in effect,  borrow from themselves. AND , at a lower rate of interest. 

 I would  that you were in Chicago. On this Thursday night from  seven to nine p.m. at the St.  John Missionary Baptist Church, Thread the Needle will  tape a formal presentation  teaching  church  members  to invest  so that their monies  work  for them.    Brigitte Douglas and Marlon Jones and  the principle principals. Their pastor's philosophy  instructs  the congregation  that a new church can be built debt free.  They believe him and are working on the project.  The  presentation Thursday  is part of  the instructional, motivational program...  I am not making a shot in the dark! These  kinds of programs cannot  be instituted  by each of our fifty small congregations [ singularly ]. They have too few members and too little resources.  It would take each individually over fifty  years to generate such a status. Rent, lights, heating gas, telephone service  costs are high and are devastating upon a small congregation  that is made up mostly of relatives and friends.  If each congregation had twenty members, fifty such should  generate  one thousand or so members.  Shouldering the spiritual, financial and physical  needs of a community  can be met with much more responsibility and affect.    jas byron  subjected to be edited